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Pursuant to Section 9.9 of the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, and Party Walls for Oceanglass Residences and Marina HOA (“Declaration”), Oceanglass Residences and Marina HOA, Inc. (“Oceanglass Residences” or “Association”) hereby approves and adopts the following Rules and Regulations (“Rules”) upon the recording of the Declaration in the Official Records of St. Lucie County, Florida. The Association will have the right to amend these Rules through the Board from time to time at the sole discretion of the Board and upon proper notice to Members as required by the Declaration, Articles, Bylaws and governing law.



(A) Each home may only have a total of two (2) domestic dogs, cats, or a combination thereof, regardless of the number of people who own the home.

(B) Pets other than dogs or cats, such as fish, ferrets, hamsters and birds, are permitted in compliance with local ordinances and state laws.

(C) All pets must be registered with Oceanglass Residences.

(D) All dogs must be on a leash no longer than six (6) feet at all times when outside of a home, or must be confined within an approved enclosure in the yard of the home.

(E) All pets shall relieve themselves only in the “pet walking” areas within Oceanglass Residences designated for such purpose, or in the homeowner’s yard. The person walking the pet must immediately clean up all waste matter.

(F) At no time may a pet be left anywhere on the Common Areas or left outside of a Home, including on a patio, balcony, or terrace, without supervision of the homeowner or other authorized caretaker. Unfettered, roaming outdoor pets of any kinds are not permitted. An owner of any pet that is allowed to roam, including outdoor cats, is responsible for any damage or nuisances caused by the roaming of the pet.

(G) Association reserves the right to prohibit any animal or pet kept in a home in contravention of these Rules or the other governing documents, or reasonably deemed to be a nuisance or danger to homeowners or their lessees, invitees, or guests. A nuisance may include, but is not limited to, the incessant barking of a dog. The Association may require that a homeowner remove any pet found to be a nuisance.

(H) Any pet kept by a homeowner must be insurable for liability.



(A) All vehicles that a homeowner intends to park within Oceanglass Residences must be registered with the Association. A $50 fee will be charged for each gate transponder or bar code decal requested to obtain access to the entry gate.

(B) Overnight Guest Parking Permits may be requested in advance and are valid for three (3) months. Vehicles displaying a Guest Permit may park in the driveway of a home.

(C) All vehicles must be parked in the homeowner’s driveway or garage, or in the spaces designated as Guest Parking. Owners are prohibited from parking in Guest


Parking, except upon a showing of good cause and approval of the Board of Directors.

(D) Any vehicle parked in a driveway may not protrude into or block the sidewalk intersecting such driveway, if any.

(E) No vehicle may park in a “No Parking” zone, unless otherwise approved by the Association.

(F) Delivery, service or maintenance vehicles may remain parked in a driveway, Guest Parking or on the street only for the duration required to complete the delivery, service or maintenance contracted for by the homeowner.

(G) All commercial vehicles and any limousines, boats, trailers or campers of any kind shall be kept in the garage of a home. Law enforcement vehicles and utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, vans or cars regularly used by a homeowner as a passenger vehicle and otherwise in compliance with these Rules and the Declaration are not considered commercial vehicles.

(H) Vehicles displaying commercial advertising are prohibited.

(I) No vehicle may park in disabled parking without the proper tag identification.

(J) Violation Procedures:

  1. Failure to comply with this provision shall result in a first warning being placed on a vehicle with the type of violation noted and warning that the vehicle is subject to being towed at the owner’s sole expense.

  2. If the violation is not cured within 24 hours of the posting of the notice, the Association may, but is not required to, tow the vehicle at the sole expense of the vehicle’s owner.

  3. Upon any recurrence of the same violation within a one-month period, the Association will cause the vehicle to be towed without further notice at the sole expense of the owner of the vehicle.


III.Garage and Yard Sales

Garage and/or yard sales are strictly prohibited.



Only gas or electric grills are permitted and must be used in the backyard or on the back porch only.


V.Service Providers and Contractors

Any service providers, employees, contractors, or domestic help (e.g. nannies and nurses) of any homeowner may use the common areas only as required to complete the service or responsibilities contracted for by the homeowner. Lunch breaks may not be taken in the common areas, except to accommodate the care of a minor child under the age of 16 who occupies a home.


VI.Home Business Offices

Any home business office must be for personal use only. Notwithstanding, business invitees, customers, and clients of a homeowner may convene in the home provided that such invitees, customers, and clients may not occupy more than two (2) Guest Parking spaces in total.


VII.Hurricane Shutters

(A) Pursuant to Section 12.23 of the Declaration, no homeowner may install hurricane shutters.

(B) The Association may amend this Rule according to Section 12.23 of the Declaration to permit the installation of hurricane shutters if such option be required by law.



(A) A homeowner must submit an application to the ARC requesting the installation of a clothesline and include the specific location of the installation, the installation method and the material to be used.

(B) Clothesline installations are limited to the rear roof deck of a home, and may not be visible from the front of the home or from another home.


IX.Balconies and Enclosures

(A) Homeowners may not engage in activities on the balcony of a Home that causes unreasonable disturbance to another homeowner or lessee, including but not limited to, dropping objects or shaking rugs or other materials from the balcony.

(B) Towels and other objects may not be hung from the balcony railings.

(C) Bicycles and other items, other than a patio set, flower pots and grills, may not be stored on any balcony or terrace that can be viewed from the street.

(D) A homeowner must submit to and receive an approved application from the Architectural Review Committee prior to installing any screen enclosure for a balcony or patio or a fence.



No homeowner may change the exterior paint color of a home, and must obtain the approval of the ARC prior to repainting a home the same color.


XI.Noise and Social Gatherings

(A) All social gatherings within a home must be conducted with the respect and decorum mandated by the Declaration so as to avoid nuisances to other homeowners, including the mitigation of noise levels.

(B) The determination of a violation of this Rule is in the sole reasonable discretion of the Board and is subject to the levying of a fine at the maximum amount allowable by the Declaration and state law.


XII.Leasing Procedures

(A) No home may be rented for a period less than three (3) months, nor more than four times per year as specified in the Declaration.


(B) The following must be submitted to the Association at least fourteen (14) days prior to the leasing of a Home:

  1. Notice of Intent to Lease

  2. Lessee Application

  3. Lessee’s Consent to Background Check

  4. Complete Lease Agreement

  5. Association Addendum to Lease Agreement

  6. Application Fee $100

(C) The following must be submitted to or already be on file with the Association prior to the leasing of a boat slip:

  1. Notice of Intent to Lease

  2. Lessee Application

  3. Complete Lease Agreement

  4. Owner’s public liability insurance policy


XIII.Boat Slip Use

(A) Private Boat Slips

  1. Only Owners and their family, lessees, guests and invitees may use a private boat slip.

  2. Any Owner desiring to store a boat at a boat slip must submit an application to the Association to register all boats that may be docked at the boat slip. An application fee of $100 must be submitted with the application. Failure to register any boat may result in a fine of up to $100 per day that the violation continues.

  3. Boat Slip Boxes for the storage of an Owner’s personal property are permitted and must be fastened safely to the decking with two (2) 1” by 3” by 20” teak or marine plastic furring strips to lift the box off the deck and prevent dirt from accumulating under the box. The location of the Boat Slip Box is subject to the Board’s approval. A 20 cubic foot box is the maximum size allowed. The box must be white in color and made of reinforced marine plastic. Any box that is in disrepair will be the responsibility of the Owner to remove or repair, or the Board will remove it and the Owner will be charged the cost of removal in accordance with the Declaration.

(B) Common Element Boat Slips (If Any)

  1. A homeowner who does not already own a boat slip may use a common element boat slip upon the submission and approval of a request for such use by the Association and payment of a Use Fee of $100. The homeowner will review, agree to and sign the Lease Agreement the Association provides to govern the boat slip use.

  2. The terms of the Lease Agreement, including the duration, will be at the sole discretion of the Association and in due consideration of the demand for use of the common element boat slips.

(C) In General

  1. Homeowners who do not own a boat slip may not use the boat slip of another owner without having an approved lease agreement on file with the Association.

  2. Boat slips may not be used between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. for social gatherings that may disturb the tranquility of the community.


  1. A boat proceeding under motor power shall make no wake. Its speed approaching dockside should never be higher than the minimum required to maintain steerage and headway.

  2. No major engine servicing or other overhauling, refinishing or refitting shall be performed on a boat while it is at dockside. However, routine maintenance and housekeeping, which may not interfere with the free passage, privacy and quiet enjoyment of others, is permitted. It is the boat owner’s responsibility to clean up after such maintenance and housekeeping.

  3. Boat owners must strictly obey all Laws and Ordinances of the State of Florida and the City of Jensen Beach, including those applicable to the use of sanitation facilities.

  4. No homeowner, lessee, guest or invitee may sleep in a docked boat at any time.

  5. The total length of all boats docked at a single boat slip cannot exceed 50 feet at any time, and the beam of all boats must fit within the boat slip.

  6. No fishing, cleaning or filleting of fish is permitted on the boat slips. Cleaning and filleting may only occur at the designated stations.

  7. No swimming is permitted on the boat slips at any time.

  8. The boat owner must carry public liability insurance as to his own property and insuring the Association against any claims by third persons or legal entities for personal injury liability with limits of $100,000/$300,000 and

$100,000 for property damage. The boat owner will provide the Association with the name of the insurer and proof of payment of insurance premiums.


XIV.Minor Children

All children under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on the common areas. Children under six (6) years of age must wear a life jacket when on the boat slips.



No Owner, Lessee, invitee, or guest may interfere with the natural growth or habitat of the mangroves within the Association, including by fishing or swimming in such area

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